May is here!  How did that happen?!  We’ve been so busy with new babies (both human and furry), transplanting, harvesting spring flowers, bouquet making and deliveries.  It’s been great!  I’m still pretty much in baby mode, but I do get to be in the flower field for a couple of hours each day, which is sort of like my “me” time now. 

We are still actively sowing seeds in the greenhouse so we can have several successions of flowers throughout the summer with new varieties blooming each time.  Now that the frost has passed (hopefully!!), we are planting out all of our annuals.  We have also been selling our flowers to Plume this last month, and our florist friends.  By the time you get this email, our spring flowers will probably be done, but our hardy annuals will be blooming right around the corner.  Those are some of my favorite flowers, so make sure to keep an eye out for our bouquets in Plume!  

We will be selling our Cut Flower Garden Kits again for Mother’s Day!  It will include 1 basil plant, 1 celosia, 1 amaranth, 1 cosmos and 2 zinnia plants.  We will be delivering the kits on May 7th.  We will also have a private facebook group with lots of videos and documents to help you successfully grow your own cut flowers!  It’s also fun to see the bouquets people make once their flowers start blooming.  

If you are a member of our Flower Market, we will be starting up again at the end of May!  I’m super excited about this year because we will have the market down at our flower barn, amongst the flowers, and will have a couple rows where you can pick your own flowers!  We would love for you and your family to join us!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!