Beauty and Experiences

Apple and Flower Farm serving Mid-MO

local + organic

Fresh from Columbia, mo

We grow apples and flowers sustainably, without the use of harmful chemicals. 
We also provide farm experiences to encourage our community to grow and connect.


About the farm.

As a parent of young children, we know the struggle of deciding how you want to raise your family. To us, the the choice was simple, we wanted them to grow up in the country, surrounded by animals, nature, organic food, and hard work.  We didn’t just want to keep this to ourselves, though, we wanted to share it with you all so that you, too, can implement this into some of your life.

farm happenings.

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Extremely Grateful!

Maybe it’s the postpartum hormones, but I find myself wanting to cry all the time because of how joyful and grateful I am for my family, healthy new baby, farm team, babysitter, spouse, business partners, sales outlets, followers, and friends.  I figured bringing...

Say A Little Prayer, Then Let It Be

Say A Little Prayer, Then Let It Be

With a baby knocking on the door, this newsletter will be short and sweet!  As I write this on 2/23, i’m still pregnant, but that could change any day!  We can’t wait for this little boy to join our he can just hurry up and “pop” on out. (As my 4...

Hardy Annuals

Hardy Annuals

What are Hardy Annuals you may ask?  From Cool Flowers, “Hardy Annuals live for one year and survive cold temperatures.  Many are planted in the fall to winter-over and produce blooms the following spring and summer.  These flowers prefer growing in cool conditions.” ...