As we dive into the 2024 flower season, we have some updates to our ever popular Members Market and Farm Stand!

Members Market: 

The Members Market is coming back this year, but it’s going to look a little different. We are excited to bring about some changes to better serve the flower and apple needs of our members!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Instead of our traditional weekly members market, we’ll be hosting 4 seasonal market events, each strategically timed to coincide with peak bloom periods, so we can offer you the abundance of the season! We are also excited to offer more of a “farm experience” on those market days – including u-picks, orchard and flower field tours, apple tastings and sweet treats! We will be announcing the market dates mid-March, so keep an eye out for that email!

Farm Stand:

As you know, in 2023 we launched the farm stand, which has been gaining popularity and providing you with even greater access to our fresh flowers and delicious apples. You can continue to pick-up fresh bouquets and apples from the farm stand at your convenience, in between market days. We will have a clipboard in the farm stand where you can easily record your purchases and use your member credit. 

members market and farm stand

As a thank you for supporting our members market and farm stand, we’d love to offer you a 20% members market discount until February 16! We want you to experience the abundance of the new members market with more fun flower field and apple orchard experiences! 

Click here for the discount!