who we are.

meet the farmers.


Joan is the idea person (brains!) behind the farming activities. She has extensive business knowledge from her last successful business as a Daily Money Manager. Yes, folks, she has no educational or formal training in farming.

She has a Master’s Degree in Personal Financial Planning and her Daily Money Management business, Elder Advocates, was her baby in Colorado. She grew the business for 5 years and sold it in 2018 to have more time to focus on her family and the farm.

She is excited to take her business knowledge and apply it to something that makes her truly happy and inspired.   


Greg is the backbone of the farm. He gets to do a lot of the manual labor for the projects, that Joan dreams up.  

He is also a History teacher at Hickman High School. Even though he grew up in the suburbs of Denver, he is loving his new role as farmer. His passion for the organic lifestyle happened way before Joan jumped on board. It turns out he was right about it all along!! 😉

He is a wonderful dad and husband, hard-working farmer, great cook, excellent teacher and impressive artist. Just ask him to draw you something, anything, and he can do it!!


The future of the farm! Wow, typing that gives me chills. He has such a love for nature and helping with farm chores. We regularly go for hikes around the farm and is a huge help in the apple orchard and flower garden. His love of trucks and tractors fits right into what we do. Can’t wait to get him mowing ALL the grass in a few years! 😉 Tune into the blog to see how we keep our children involved in our growing farm.   


He is the sweetest little 3 year old farmer!  He loves going on walks around the farm, taking care of the goats and doing whatever his brother is doing!  We look forward to seeing how he grows this year and how his farm interests evolve.