I’m just returning from an inspiring flower collective conference held in New Hampshire! It was a weekend full of connection with other flower collectives, business education, strategic planning, and, of course, fun! We were staying just outside Etna, New Hampshire, in a very sweet, old inn in the woods, and it was snowing. It was just perfection!

This conference was focused around supporting flower collectives. As most of you know, we are part of the Missouri Flower Exchange. We are a group of growers around Springfield and Columbia that sell to local florists and floral designers. Our farm hosts the local wholesale pick-up market on Wednesdays. I was so grateful that the admins in Springfield asked me to go with them! It was truly a wonderful experience and it gave me so much to think about for next season.   

I don’t have a lot to add because I’m still recovering, and thrown back into the real world. I will say that we have a few new exciting things that we will be doing with the Missouri Flower Exchange next year! Stay tuned to hear about all the new ways we are expanding our wholesale market!