This post will discuss how to care for fresh cut flowers so that you can get the longest vase life for your blooms!

This post will also discuss harvest times in case you will be harvesting from your own garden.

How to care for fresh cut flowers - yellow daffodils ready for harvest


Daffodils should be harvested when they are in the “gooseneck” stage. This is when the bud is 90-120 degrees from the flower stem. If it’s a single variety, they will be budded up pretty tight, if it’s a double, we will let them open up just a bit.

In addition, daffodils excrete a “slime” that is toxic to other flowers. If you get them from us, they will have already excreted all the slime, but if you cut the stem, they will start oozing again. You will need to separate them from the other flowers for a day to make sure they don’t harm them.   

How to care for fresh cut flowers - red tulips ready for harvest


When harvesting tulips, the ideal stage to do so is when the buds are still tight, but showing color. If they are double varieties, we let them open a little bit more. Tulips also grow in the vase! If you are creating an arrangement, tuck them in a little deeper because they will grow another few inches in the vase! 

Final tips

Change the water daily to make your blooms last as long as possible in the vase. Yes, it’s hard to remember sometimes, but we want you to be able to enjoy these blooms for 2 weeks! 

Now you know that it’s not very difficult to care for your fresh cut flowers! By using these tips, you will undoubtedly enjoy your blooms longer. Enjoy!