The day had finally come!  It was time to plant our precious baby apple trees.  I bet you’re wondering, why apples?  Well, let me give you a little background on this choice for our farm. 

In the summer of 2018, I was dreaming big about what we could grow and raise on our farm.  I was talking to farmers, gathering data at the farmers market, and networking with grocery store produce managers and anyone else who would talk with me.  After doing “Feedback Welcome” at The Hatchery (Feedback Welcome is a business pitch presentation and The Hatchery is a local co-working spot), I got connected with Adam Saunders at Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.  He is their fundraiser extraordinaire and raising money for the insanely awesome Agriculture Park, which will be the future spot for the Columbia Farmers Market. 

We had several conversations about our farm and possibly creating a combined CSA for local businesses.  Throughout our conversations, he started revealing his passion around apples and orchards.  He was working with a local apple orchard and studying the entire process of growing apples.  His passion was contagious, and after we saw the apple orchard first hand, we were hooked.  We wanted one of those. 

Greg and I have always valued local and organic food.  If we were going to raise animals or grow produce, we wanted to make sure we did it as organically and sustainably as we possibly could.  Therefore, after we decided that we were going to start an orchard, we also made the choice to do things a little different.  It would take more time and money, but, in the end, we knew we would be so much happier with our product.  I wanted to produce something that I could stand behind and be really proud of.   

Now that the baby trees are in the ground, I can see the start of our legacy on the farm.  It’s truly a very exciting time!  My plan is to document the process of growing our organic apples and let you in on the tips and tricks, incase, you too, want to someday plant an organic apple orchard, or just an apple tree :).  It definitely won’t be the easy route, but for sure, the most rewarding.

Check out some of the pictures from that awesome day!