In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I thought I would share some thoughts about motherhood that you all might relate to. 

With 3 boys in the early years, some days are a struggle, but also so beautiful at the same time. It’s so interesting how two conflicting emotions/states can be happening simultaneously. It’s all about perspective, right??

1)Work/family balance is hard. I try to be completely present when I’m doing either, but there’s always lingering thoughts about the kid who’s not feeling well or the never ending to-do list for the farm. I know it will never feel completely in balance and, I think the balance can shift from week to week or day to day. Some days all I want to do is work on the business and other days I’m just craving time with my kids. It’s a roller coaster ride with littles!

2)Feeling like what you’re doing isn’t enough. Whether it’s work or family, I think we are constantly comparing ourselves to what others are doing and that is stealing our joy. If at the end of the day, you are happy with yourself and feel your integrity is aligned with your values, then you are where you should be. Jesus says we’re enough, so why can’t we be OK with that?  

3)Making decisions about your child’s future is hard! Our oldest is currently getting closer to “school-age” and deciding what route we should take for school has been tough. I mean, it’s where they will spend the majority of their day, 5 days a week! I’m working on giving myself grace and being ok with changing my mind, if I want to in the future. Giving myself permission to change my mind has been very freeing in this decision. 

I didn’t mean to get “preachy” on you guys this week! I just figured someone else might be feeling or going through these same things. Or, maybe it’s just me?! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! Remember, you are enough. <3