I’ve decided to start blogging on the worst possible day ever…good idea, Joan!  Currently, I’ve got a sick 2 year old napping.  I was covered in all the poop and puke this morning.  Just glorious.  My mother-in-law is in town and my husband is consequentially out of town.  Funny how that timing worked out!  I’m also 15 weeks pregnant and feeling extra nauseous today – I wonder why??  I could not have made it this far today if it weren’t for my MIL.  She cooked us breakfast and cleaned the dishes.  This helped greatly with my sanity! 

This is only one day, though.  And, the next will be better. But for you to understand who I am, I think you need a glimpse into the bad days.  Normally, I’ve got it mostly together.  To give you a glimpse into our current situation.  My husband, son, and I moved from Fort Collins, CO the summer of 2017 back to my hometown of Columbia, MO.  Mostly for help with the baby and not having a mental breakdown.  (My baby didn’t sleep for 14 months…that does a lot on your psyche!) We decided that we wanted to build a house on my family farm and live the simple life.  I grew up in the country and want the same for my kids.  We completed our beautiful farmhouse in March 2018 and moved in shortly thereafter. 

What are our professions, you ask? My husband is a high school teacher and I currently work very part time for my old business.  I sold my Daily Money Management business, Elder Advocates, to a wonderful and very competent woman.  We basically help older folks pay their bills and manage their daily finances, when they no longer can or want to.  

Now that I have more free time (or as much as you can get while being a work-from-home mom), I want to tackle a new business!  This gets me so excited!  Starting a new business is so much fun!  From the initial brainstorming, to the interviews, research, everything, your idea begins to take shape.  I had an original idea and it’s morphed so many times, but it’s funny, because now I’ve come full circle back to my original idea.  I think that is truly where my heart is and where the best business plan is.

It is a business based in ag and on our farm.  This gets me so jazzed because farming and  gardening have always been my passion, just never my profession.  I think I’ve figured out how to actually make money doing what I love…again!  It’s the greatest feeling.  Well, there’s more to come, so please jump onto the tour bus and enjoy the ride.  I hope to be able to pass along insight into starting an ag business, farming and gardening and also raising littles.  These are precious years and I’m excited to share them with you.  And, it won’t all be daisies and rainbows…there will be a lot of puke and poop, as well!! 😉