Maybe it’s the postpartum hormones, but I find myself wanting to cry all the time because of how joyful and grateful I am for my family, healthy new baby, farm team, babysitter, spouse, business partners, sales outlets, followers, and friends.  I figured bringing a new baby into the family at the beginning of spring would be a huge stress, but you know what, it’s been nothing but a joy!  Everyone that I mentioned above has stepped up, especially my spouse, family and farm team, to make this transition so smooth.  I don’t know what I would do without each of them.  I basically took a whole week off and didn’t even think about seedlings or the garden, and everything just kept happening as if I was there.  I could not have asked for more.

I’m still doing very minimal work now, but at least I can go check on my seedlings and get my hands in the dirt a little bit before the nursing baby calls me back to my most important job. 

Without further ado, we are pleased to welcome Ethan Gregory to our family!  He came into this world at the beginning of March and we are so grateful he is finally here.  I’ll be taking it easy and enjoying him as much as possible over the next couple months, which I’m looking forward to. 

The apple and flower team will be keeping things running smoothly, in the meantime.  Greg (my husband) and Adam Saunders with River Bottom Energy, LLC. will be heading up a crew during spring break to get hundreds of new apple trees in the ground.  Angie and Sammy continue to play an integral part in keeping us on schedule with sowing flower seeds and transplanting.  It definitely takes a village when you have small children, and are running a farm.  We are so grateful for all those who play any role in our lives.

Spring flowers are slowly making their debut!  Anemones are here and so dainty and beautiful.  Tulips, narcissus and allium will be right behind them.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we will have flowers by Easter, but shortly thereafter we should have bouquets for sale.  I will send out an email as soon as we open up our website for sales.  We will have a limited number this year, so stay tuned to see when they are available.

Have a Happy Spring and Easter!