And, the rain just keeps falling… I was happy to see the rain at the beginning, but 10+ inches is a bit much in a week. We are sad to see those businesses and households that are dealing with flooding and so grateful to be just high enough that the river and creek flooding isn’t affecting our daily operations. 

With the rain came the bugs.  We are fighting off the japanese beetles and other pests with weekly neem oil and compost tea sprays.(all organic)  In the orchard, they are using Kaolin Clay with neem oil to coat the trees to keep the pests away.  They are devouring my sunflower and zinnia plants as we speak, so I’m hoping they run through their lifecycle quickly!

Some good things…all of our annuals are growing well!  They had a little bit of a slow start with the drought a couple weeks ago, but they are going to burst with all this rain.  We are working hard trying to get all of our netting and support in place so they can grow to be gigantic, healthy plants.  

With so much going on we are so grateful that our nephew, Chaz, from Alberta, Canada is here with us for 6 weeks.  He’s 17 and ready to work hard!  Our boys also love having their cousin around!

Our Members Market is bursting with fresh flowers, florists are ordering and Plume has fresh bouquets, so we are happy!

We are also excited to get away for a few days and do all the fun things in STL!  Including a couple Cardinals games!  With things opening back up and life returning somewhat to normal, I think we are extra grateful and will treasure these experiences even more. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July celebrating with family and friends!