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This is the favorite bucket for brides!  An assortment of seasonal, pastel blooms, fillers and foliage for your event or wedding.  A full bucket has 100 stems and a half bucket is 50 stems. Please select your bucket size and pick-up date.  You can pick up your buckets from 3:00-6:00 p.m. on your selected date. Please feel free to comment with your wedding colors.  We will do our best to provide flowers that include these colors, as well as other complementing hues. See below for more details.  

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All of you Do-It-Yourselfers, this is for you!

This is the age of DIY, from home renovations to weddings, many want to get their hands dirty and have an active role in creating something new. Creating your own wedding or event floral arrangements can help you cut costs from your overall budget. When you purchase a bucket (or 2) of flowers from our farm, you will get the highest quality flowers, that will last well beyond the event itself! Most people think of DIY flowers as being cheap because most are using fake flowers, or getting them from a big box store, but this is not true when you buy directly from the farm!

We have 2 options for flower buckets. With the soft flower bucket, you will receive a variety of white, blush and soft colored blooms, along with greenery. The flower choices will depend on the time of year, ie. anemones and ranunculus in the spring, zinnias and celosia in the summer and dahlias in the fall. The full bucket will include 100 stems and will be a mix of flowers, filler and foliage, in colors that complement each other.

In general, you can expect to create 5 mason jar arrangements, or 1 bridal bouquet and 2 smaller bouquets from 1 bucket. A half bucket only includes 50 stems. We recommend for all brides to practice creating similar arrangements and bouquets prior to ordering, so you understand how many flowers you will need to purchase. Please check out our DIY Flower Guide for more tips and tricks as you prepare for the occasion!

In the comment section above, please let us know what your wedding colors are and we will do our best to pick flowers that go with this. However, this is ultimately farmer’s choice depending on what is available. Curious what’s blooming? Check out our Instagram feed below to see the pretty flowers in bloom right now.

Choose a date from the calendar to pick up your flowers. Pickup times are between 3:00-6:00 p.m. on the date you select. If you are doing the Creative Floral Experience, your flowers will be available at your scheduled event.


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