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About the farm.

As a parent of young children, we know the struggle of deciding how you want to raise your family. To us, the the choice was simple, we wanted them to grow up in the country, surrounded by animals, nature, organic food, and hard work.  We didn’t just want to keep this to ourselves, though, we wanted to share it with you all so that you, too, can implement this into some of your life.

empowering natural living.

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From 24 to 12

From 24 to 12

I want to talk about our first real failure as farmers. We started out with 24 chickens in April, and guess how many we have now, at the end of November?? As you might guess from the title, yes, it’s only 12. I expected to lose some due to the free-ranging nature of...

Hello There!

Hello There!

I’ve decided to start blogging on the worst possible day ever…good idea, Joan!  Currently, I’ve got a sick 2 year old napping.  I was covered in all the poop and puke this morning.  Just glorious.  My mother-in-law is in town and my husband is consequentially out of...